Most of the food I eat is based on the need to fuel my body with energy for movement!

I’ve been an athlete my entire life from my early years on the field hockey and lacrosse fields, to a marathon runner, and now a strength focused athlete.

No matter the sport, finding food that meets my functional needs as an athlete and experiential needs as a foodie have always been two elements I consider when choosing my post-sweat fuel.

Here are some of my favorite places in and around D.C. for a great sweat and post workout recovery meal!

Barry’s Bootcamp + Glen’s Garden Market
.5 Miles

When Barry’s came to DC in fall of 2017 … I was ecstatic! I had heard so much about this heart-pounding workout but had never lived in a city with a location. At Barry’s’ you can expect to a workout composed of treadmill sprints/ hills , bodyweight work, and dumbbell based movements that will leave your heart pounding and muscles screaming … but in the best way of course! The instructors and playlists are equally motivating, energetic, and totally dance party worthy!

After you wipe down with your cold eucalyptus towel at Barry’s you can take a short walk over to Glen’s Garden Market where you’ll find an outdoor patio and fresh seasonal menu to choose from. Usually go for the build your own

SolidCore Adams Morgan + Tryst
.3 Miles

Down Dog Yoga + SouthBlock
.4 Miles

Ballston CrossFit + The Rice Crook

On the Move: Veggie*Confetti’s Picks for the Best Places to Run in DC

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Located just before the Key Bridge, this wooded island features a three-mile running trail throughout some of the city’s most beautiful foliage. It’s so serene that you may just forget you’re only a few feet away from the city line!

Pro Tip: Say hi to Teddy! One of America’s most noteworthy Presidents is honored with a massive statue that greets visitors before they take to the trails.

Georgetown Waterfront to the National Mall

This route goes through two of DC’s most distinct areas; the Georgetown Waterfront and the National Mall. Gorgeous river views and little bits of DC history keep things interesting for runners — just remember to pack some sunscreen!

Pro Tip: The steps behind the Lincoln Memorial are the perfect way to end your workout with some Rocky-style incline sprints.

Bethesda Crescent Trail

As one of the area’s most peaceful trails, we love the greenery and seclusion this option offers suburbanites.

Pro Tip: Did you know the Crescent trail runs parallel to an abandoned railroad and the C&O Canal? Do some research before your run to pinpoint all of the rich history that still resides within DC’s oldest transport route.

Spring Valley

If you’re looking to explore some of DC’s most charming homes while you run, consider Spring Valley in Northwest! Winding roads enclose beautiful neighborhoods, where plenty of varying elevation offer a challenging run without the crowds of DC’s more popular running routes.

Pro Tip: Reward yourself with a trip to Millie’s afterward, the Nantucket-inspired restaurant known for its gorgeous patio and delicious raw oyster selection!

Just like DC’s running trails, we’re adding a healthy dose of color to every day, too. Find out which of Veggie*Confetti’s products are perfect for an on-the-go snack here!